Achievements for Dry Quenching Project

Achievements of nonmetal expansion joint for dry quenching projects
(High and low temperature)

1. Jinan Xinying Coal Coking Co., Ltd.(1*150t/h,1*100t/h,1*160t/h)

2. Angang Steel Company Limited(3*125t/h)

3. Benxi Steel Coking Plant(2*125t/h)

4. Meishan Steel Company Limited(1*125t/h)

5. Shougang Jingtang Steel United Corporation Limited (2*260t/h)

6. Zibo Hongda Coking Co., Ltd.(1*115t/h)

7. Xinyu Iron & Steel Group Co., Ltd.(1*155t/h 2*90t/h)

8. Tangshan Dafeng Coking Co., Ltd.(1*140t/h 1*90t/h)

9. Xingtai Iron & Steel Corp., Ltd.(1*125t/h)

10.Nanchang Changli Iron & Steel Co., Ltd.(1*110t/h)

11.Qian’an Zhonghua Coal Chemical Industry Co., Ltd.(1*140t/h)

12.Jingdezhen Kaimenzi Ceramic Chemical Group Co., Ltd.(1*125t/h)

13.Panzhihua Panmei United Coking Co., Ltd.(1*140t/h)

14.Chongqing Iron & Steel (Group) Co., Ltd.(2*150t/h)

15.Cangzhou Zhongtie Equipment Material Manufacturing Co., Ltd. (2*150t/h)

16.Yellow River Industry and Trade Group Qianlishan Coal Coking Co., Ltd.(1*150t/h)

17.Shandong Huaijiao (Group) Co., Ltd.(1*140t/h)

18.Shaanxi Longmen Coal Coking Co., Ltd., 4 Mt/a (2*150t/h)

19.Shougang Shuicheng Iron & Steel (Group) Co., Ltd.(1*125t/h)

20.Shanxi Liheng Coal Coking Co., Ltd. (1*140t/h)

21.Ningbo Iron & Steel Co., Ltd. Wufengtang Coking Plant(1#、2#焦化/Coking)(2*125t/h)

22.Tangshan Ganglu Coal Coking Co., Ltd.(1*125t/h)

23.CAS Coking Project in Brazil(3*150t/h)

24.JSW3# and 4# Coke Oven Dry Quenching Project in India(4*125t/h)

25.Qian’an Jiujiang Coal Storage & Transportation Co., Ltd.(2*125t/h)

26.Qian’an Jiujiang Coal Storage & Transportation Co., Ltd.(2*140t/h)

27.Guangxi Shenglong Metallurgical Co., Ltd.(1*150t/h)

28.Shanxi Guangda Coking Gas Co., Ltd.(1*120t/h)

29.Shandong Haoyu Energy Co., Ltd.(1*160t/h)