Achievements for Foreign Gas Turbine Power Plant

Achievements of nonmetal expansion joint exporting projects for
gas turbine power plants (Some of the achievements)



1. CMEC Pakistan SAHIWAL (6FA Gas turbine HRSG)

2. Bangladesh Sheila GanJie Gas Turbine Thermal Power Co., Ltd. (Bangladesh 9E-HRSG)

3. Bangladesh Meghnaghat Dual Fuel 337MW (Net) Combined Cycle Power Plant Bypass System (9E Gas turbine HRSG)

4. Bangladesh BIBIYANA Ⅱ Project Bypass System (9E Gas turbine HRSG)

5. Qiang Depp 150MW Combined Cycle Power Plant Project

6. Venezuela EL VIGIA Project (9E Gas turbine HRSG)

7. Malaysia Sabah Project (6FA Gas turbine HRSG)

8. Belarus Bie Leo Geoff (9F Gas turbine HRSG)

9. Salalah 430MW Gas Turbine Combined Cycle Gas Power Plant and 15MIDG Sea Water Desalination Plant in Oman (6FA Gas turbine HRSG)

10.Ha Dian/ Guddu Power Plant in Pakistan

11.Malaysia Bintulu (CMEC)

12.China National Electric Engineering Co., Ltd. /Bangladesh Meghnaghat

13.China National Machinery Imp. & Exp. Corp. / Bangladesh Sheila GanJie

14.Pakistan SAIF Power Plant (CMEC)

15.China National Electric Equipment Corporation (Malaysia SABAH 190MW Combined Cycle Gas Power Plant)

16.GE(Pesqueria3*7FA Project)

17.GE(Inpex 5×6B Bypass Stack and Biverter Damper Project)