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Product Name: Mental hose

Performance characteristics:Metal hose is a kind of excellent flexible pipe element. It is generally composed of bellows, mesh (set) and pipe fittings: the raw material of bellows and mesh is acid-proof stainless steel; pipe fittings are made of the same steel with combustion flue. Users may also select other materials according to actual needs (i.e., the interior uses tetrafluoroethylene pipe as lining, etc.). Metal hose allows larger angular displacement and can withstand higher working pressure. It is widely used in printing and dyeing, textile, petrochemical, chemical, paper making, shipbuilding, iron and steel, mechanical and port industries, etc. Especially for pipeline dislocation caused by foundation settlement of high-rise building, petroleum tank and gas tank, it has a good connection effect; in iron and steel industry, oxygen lance of converter steelmaking is also a typical occasion where metal hose is used.